India: The Hub for Building, Leveraging and Monetizing IP

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India is one of the fastest-growing markets for new innovations. There is tremendous interest and activity in developing, fostering and monetizing new innovations, and patents in Asia. In fact, private entities and Governments are backing IP Exchanges and Federal Technology Licensing Offices across Asia: India, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

As Asian technology enterprises scale-up and nurture global ambitions, particularly, entering United States, they are resorting to significant buying of US patents, with limitless budgets for the right patent assets. For instance, the last two years have seen a significant increase in patent buying by Chinese and other Asian electronics companies, as they scale up, and develop global ambitions.

In 2017, the opportunities are ripe for US patent owners to leverage and monetize their US patents in the Asian patent marketplace. Large US corporations and small enterprises are best placed to take advantage of this new playground.

In terms of technologies, there is significant interest amongst Asian patent buyers for unencumbered US patent assets in new-age technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, wireless technologies, automotive and battery as well as in medical devices. Being a niche market player, we at Hammerkopf work with enterprises and scientists working in the above technology areas.

Hammerkopf has been very active in the Indian market, working with a diverse group of stakeholders in India, ranging from large companies, small and medium enterprises as well as startups/entrepreneurs.

A Thriving Market

Today’s India represents a compelling market full of potential and promise that is being shaped by a new generation of consumers. There are >440 million millennials and >390 million GenZ consumers in India, who are contributing to the rapid growth of the market, making India the hub for development and commercialization of new innovations. The urban middle class with large disposable income is contributing to the market development.

Government initiatives to improve education, boost the IT infrastructure, coupled with more global exposure has shaped this new consumer class. Low cost smartphones and the scaling up of 3G and 4G broadband communication infrastructure have led to an increase in digital consumption.

Today’s India is a good test-bed for new innovations to be introduced, scaled-up, and commercialized across other geographies.

For startups and enterprises interested in India, one fact remains that this is a tough and complex market, and it helps to have a trusted partner in this journey.

At Hammerkopf, our market-making capabilities enable global and in particular, new age enterprises to introduce their innovations to the market. The team at Hammerkopf has capabilities in market intelligence and market-making strategies, and is equipped to support enterprises with knowledge on the market, supporting their successful entry and subsequent scale-up in the market.

Industry going Global

Indian conglomerates are adapting new strategies to rise-up on the innovation ladder, including buying US patent assets off-the-shelf.

There are small and medium enterprises that have been able to leverage and monetize their US patent assets in futuristic technology areas, such as interactive media, social networking and machine learning, working with Hammerkopf.

Hammerkopf works with large conglomerates interested in new innovations and IP outside of their corporate boundaries. This translates into myriad opportunities for enterprising startups and enterprises from US and elsewhere, who are interested in leveraging the India market for their strategic growth.

While the top technology companies in India differ in their approaches to intellectual property and new innovations, there are some large conservative companies who are acquiring new patent assets to support their global forays.