Namagiri Anand

Managing Partner

namagiri at hammerkopf dot com

Namagiri Anand is the founder of Hammerkopf, a bespoke business platform that helps business leaders in making sense of emerging technology shifts facing enterprises and the world today.


With a keen curiosity to spot and learn new technology trends, Namagiri has been singularly focused in her pursuit to create a discovery platform around artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Her client roster includes exciting startups and large enterprises as well as other key stakeholders in the technology ecosystem.


Before embarking on Hammerkopf, Namagiri has successfully led large teams in global multinational firms, across geographies.


She has an MBA in International Business and an MBA in General Management. When not at work, Namagiri enjoys her family, as well as traveling and exploring the world.


Curiosity and a dash of relentless passion is the key, for unlocking new discoveries and learning.

The team at Hammerkopf comprises of seasoned professionals with deep industry experience, and coming from diverse disciplines, interests and backgrounds. Together, they bring to the table an average of >15 years experience in their respective fields - science, technology transfer, IP monetization, corporate finance, marketing, strategy, law, and deal making.

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